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Get That Ash and Soot Handled Right

If you have a fireplace in your home, then you will certainly have ash and soot inside.  You will need to take care of them periodically in order to keep your fireplace looking clean.  However, you need to make sure you handle them right. To get rid of ash, you should consider investing in a […]

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Tips to Start Planning Your Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Often when thinking about or discussing fireplaces, people forget to consider an outdoor fireplace in the middle of a patio or in a backyard. The truth is, these can often be some of the most spectacular fireplaces you can build and can serve a number of purposes. While a fireplace in your home can offer […]

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Wood Fireplace Mantel Advice

Another great option is a wood mantel for your fireplace. These are usually much more cost effective than carving stone. There are various dealers of wood fireplace mantels. We normally suggest looking for a hollow mantel that uses a French Cleat to attach it to the wall. If you can, we always suggest hanging the […]

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Decorating Your Fireplace

There are several things you can do when decorating your fireplace, which can have a dramatic effect on the look of the room while enhancing the value of your home.  Let’s explore various ways to bring your fireplace to life. The first thing that should be done is to clean the years of soot and […]

Fireplace installation Greenwood, IN

Choosing a Fireplace Screen

Fireplaces top the list of sought after amenities for homeowners in all parts of the world. The reasoning behind this is that in addition to the fact that a fireplace adds an additional heating element to the home; it also acts as a design element. Moreover, fireplace accessories like folding fireplace screens and wroughtiron fireplace […]

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Chimney Fires – Causes and Prevention

Looking for a CSIA Certified professional to do your Chimney Sweep around Indianapolis? Smalling Masonry located in Indianapolis, IN has certified, experienced chimney sweep technicians who perform professional chimney maintenance services. Call 317-903-8121 One tip to remember when burning a wood fire is the wood should have a moisture content of 20% or less. You can purchase […]

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The Importance of Chimney Caps

Chimney caps, like their name suggest are metal covers fitted over the opening of a chimney.  There are a few reasons you should consider having one installed on your home’s chimney.  Keep reading to learn about the importance of chimney caps. Chimney caps, like their name suggest are metal covers fitted over the opening of […]

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Chimney Sweep Basics

Anyone who regularly uses a chimney will need to hire a chimney sweep once a year. This is very important to ensure that the chimney keeps harmful gases out of your home.  Once you find a great chimney sweep, you should stick with them. The chimney may appear to be a simple structure, but it […]

Free Instant Guide Best Wood-Burning Practices

Properly installed, correctly used wood-burning appliances should generate very little smoke. If you regularly see or smell smoke, you may have a problem. Reduce smoke inside and outside your home using the steps.