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I had 3 estimates and Smalling Masonry was the most professional and thorough company so I chose them to repair my chimney. They kept me informed with each step even when they were heading to my house. Smalling was very professional and even called after hours during a storm to make sure everything was ok during repair. No regrets!!

Michelle Cotherman

We’re no strangers to rain, snow, sleet, and other types of moisture in the Indianapolis area. Because of this, ensuring your chimney is adequately protected is a must. Count on our techs for repairs and preventive maintenance.

We Offer Chase Cover & Chimney Cap Installation

Chase covers and chimney caps are two different metal components, both of which serve important functions in keeping your chimney better protected from water. Chimney caps cover the flue opening, ensuring no water or moisture, animals, outdoor debris, trash, or downdrafts can make their way into or through your flue.

Chase covers are typically installed on prefabricated chimneys, but can work on masonry setups, as well. These serve as a type of metal crown that ensure water is directed away from both the inside of the flue, as well as the outside walls of the masonry chimney or chimney chase.

We Can Complete Your Flashing Repairs & Installation

Flashing consists of the pieces of metal that seal the area where your roof and your chimney meet up. This spot is more prone to water leaks and damage because the materials for your roof and chimney don’t expand and contract at the same rate. This eventually leads to both roof and chimney damage, as well as can cause water stains on your interior walls and ceilings (along with wood rot, mold growth, and other issues).

We’ve Got Your Concrete Crown Repairs Handled

Did you know that, while many chimney crowns of the past were made from weaker mortar mixes, they should all be made from a more reliable concrete material? In fact, there are a number of characteristics a chimney crown should have (like a certain amount of overhang, an appropriate thickness, a downward slope, etc.) that empower it to work as efficiently as possible.

Count on us for quality repairs and assessments, so yours is giving you the long-lasting protection you deserve.

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