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Central Indiana’s Trusted Fireplace Inspection and Sweep Experts

A fireplace is an asset to your home. To make sure it stays that way, maintaining it is an absolute must; otherwise, it can become a serious liability. Fireplace and chimney inspections and sweeps are the foundations of an effective maintenance plan. Ensure the comfort and safety of your home and your family with Smalling Masonry’s thorough fireplace inspection and sweep services.

Our professionally trained and fully licensed technicians perform full-system inspections, which means everything from the firebox to the chimney crown will receive an in-depth assessment. We employ state-of-the-art tools and technologies to conduct a comprehensive assessment of every component of your system. Using the most advanced techniques and proven strategies, we’ll also perform a thorough, in-depth cleaning of every surface of your fireplace and chimney.

Inspection Report Included

With Smalling Masonry,  when we do an inspection we are inspecting the full system inside and out, fireplace to rain cap,  including running a camara up the chimney flue.  We will be taking multiple pictures  of the system through out the process and we provide a full detailed multipage report of the system much like a home inspection report but solely focusing on the fireplace/chimney system.  Our inspection report will include codes,  suggestions, and the pictures taken throughout the process.  This type of appointment usually takes roughly 2 hours.

Fireplace Inspection

Our Safety Inspections provide you with peace of mind and protection to ensure your fireplace and chimney continue at optimum performance. Your appliance needs care and maintenance to ensure the enjoyment and safety for your family. The NFPA states you should have your chimney checked once per year to protect your family from chimney fires and dangerous fumes that could make their way into your home if your chimney isn’t performing properly.

Fireplace Sweep

It is a good idea to have an inspection completed by a CSIA certified chimney sweep periodically to keep maintenance costs down, catching issues as they come up. This includes a camera inspection of the inside of the chimney liner and smoke chamber. Visual inspection of the flashing, crown, masonry, rain cap, and all other exterior portions of the chimney. We do sweep the chimney if needed prior to the level 2 inspection. This service is included in the price.

Central Indiana’s Fireplace Inspections

During a fireplace inspection, our certified technicians will adhere to a comprehensive checklist to ensure that every element is properly inspected. We’ll employ the most cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques, such as a specialized camera feed that will capture detailed images. During the inspection, we’ll be looking for signs of safety hazards, as well as operational and structural issues.

After the fireplace inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report of our findings. We’ll review the report with you, and if any potential issues are detected, we’ll let you know how they can be corrected. Our technicians can make any necessary repairs, too.

Fireplace Sweep in Hamilton County and Marion County

According to the National Fireplace Protection Association (NFPA), fireplaces and their accompanying chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year; however, for systems that are used frequently, more cleanings may be necessary. Regular cleanings are important to ensure the safety and efficiency of a fireplace system.

The CSIA-certified technicians at Smalling Masonry will thoroughly clean your entire fireplace and chimney system. The highly flammable byproducts of combustion, including creosote, soot, and ash, will be completely eliminated. If there are any blockages, such as outdoor debris or animal nests, we’ll remove that for you, too. From the pilot assembly to the heat exchange, we’ll make sure that your entire fireplace system is clean.

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Smalling Masonry Offers Fireplace Inspection and Sweep Services You Can Count On

Our professionally trained, highly knowledgeable, CSIA-certified technicians are dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of Central Indiana homeowners. We strive for excellence and always go the extra mile to deliver the highest quality results and the utmost professionalism.

Countless Hamilton County and Marion County residents choose us for their fireplace inspection and cleaning needs because they know they can rely on us to deliver fast and efficient results for fair and honest rates. When the team at Smalling Masonry is on the job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive the very best of care.

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All of our contractors are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality sets us apart from the crowd, and it’s why we’re considered the most trusted fireplace and chimney specialist in Central Indiana.

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We’re upfront about pricing, and always charge the fairest and most affordable rates. We always provide a detailed, written price estimate, completely free of charge.

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We know you lead a busy lifestyle. That’s why we work as quickly as possible, yet we’re highly efficient and will never sacrifice quality, so you can be ensure that your fireplace and chimney receive the care they require.

We now offer convenient annual maintenance plans

To make sure your fireplace gets annual check-ups to check the integrity, structure, and cleanliness of the system. With our plans, we will proactively schedule a check up each year, which means your fireplace maintains that fresh show room appearance and safety for years to come. On our maintenance plans you are also locked into the lower rate for as long as your service plans stays active.