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When you walk into a living room, where do your eyes immediately turn? Your fireplace is large and elegant, meant to act as the centerpiece of the room. Especially if you dress it up, no one can keep their eyes off it. Most people settle for the traditional gray-brown brick and wooden mantle: however, if you settle for a fireplace that looks like every Marion County fireplace, you’ll never stand out. 

Get Your Fireplace Repair Done Before Decorating Your Meridian Hills, IN Fireplace

There are many ways you can spruce up your fireplace so it matches the aesthetic of the rest of your house. However, you need to give your chimney and fireplace a thorough cleaning before you even touch the paint and decorative candles. Below will discuss how we at Smalling Masonry can properly clean your Meridian Hills, IN chimney, and then the best ways to decorate it.

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Fireplace Repair With Smalling Masonry

Before you can start to decorate your Meridian Hills, IN fireplace, you need to clean the firebox, doors, brick or stone, mantle, and the inside of the chimney. Here are some tips on how to clean your fireplace:

  • Clean out the firebox and discard any leftover ash and wood from the last time you used it.
  • Clean both the inside and outside of your fireplace with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Never use a flammable liquid to clean your fireplace, though, as you can risk traces of the cleaner becoming a fire hazard.
  • Never use bleach when cleaning the brick or stone on the outside of your fireplace since bleach can cause color fading. Even if you plan on painting it, try to avoid damaging the base of your fireplace as much as possible.
  • Even though your fireplace is clean, make sure you hire a chimney cleaning service in Meridian Hills, IN before you put on your decorating hat. You spend so much time decorating your fireplace, so make sure you don’t throw your time and money down the drain by not taking care of it.

To ensure your home is safe and you don’t risk your Marion County chimney collapsing, get a thorough chimney cleaning done before you start on your latest decoration project. Once you have everything cleaned, you’re ready to begin the process of making your fireplace your own. 

Fireplace Decor Tips

There are many different ways you can decorate your fireplace so it is unique to you and the theme of your house. It’s the centerpiece of your living room, so it should reflect everything you love about the style of your house. Whether you paint it, add some art, plants, or mix styles from all over your home, you can make it perfect for you.

  • Prep The Area: To prepare to decorate your fireplace, you should cover the carpet around it, especially if you plan on using paint to create the centerpiece of your dreams. After your fireplace cleaning, take extra precautions to keep your home clean and safe. Clear off your mantle or anything cluttered on your fireplace so you can give it a fresh start. There are several ways that you can decorate your fireplace after getting a chimney cleaning to spice up the focal point of your living room.
  • A Fresh Coat of Paint: Adding a fun color to your fireplace can make it a great asset to your living room’s aesthetic. Do you want to brighten up your wall? Paint the brick white and the mantle black for a stark contrast. If you want to make your living room relaxing, paint it a pretty pastel, like mint or lavender. Painting your fireplace can breathe some new life into it and take it to a whole new level.
  • Make It Green: Nothing makes your home feel more lively than an assortment of plants. While plants can fill your room full of additional life, some plants can even purify your air quality. So, not only do they look beautiful, but they can make your house a safer place to stay.
  • Modern Art: Are you a fan of all things modern? Does your eyesore of a fireplace stand out against your minimalistic, contemporary design? Although your fireplace allows you to warm your house, you don’t have to keep it looking unappealing against the rest of your house design. Paint your fireplace white to let it blend in with your wall and cover the mantle with small, modern statues. Hang some contemporary art on the wall above your fireplace as well to tie everything together.
  • Candles: Are you a fan of simplistic designs? Even if you don’t have a fire in your Marion County fireplace, you can cover the top with small bundles of light. Add some asymmetry to your mantle by decorating it with different-sized candles. Scented candles have the bonus of filling your living room with the sweet smell of fresh-baked cookies or newly cut pine.
  • Books Galore: Your fireplace should reflect not only the aesthetic of your house but also your interests. If you are a bookworm, consider donning your fireplace with books. Purchase some fancy bookends so you can put your favorite series on display. You can also get some knick-knacks that go along with your favorite books.
  • Mix Styles: If your house is a mish-mash of aesthetics, you should consider mixing different styles for your fireplace as well. Include a modern art statue next to your psychedelic vase from the seventies. Or combine your gothic style with your love for minimalism. You can use your Marion County fireplace as an inspiration for your unique look.

Remember that before you start to mess around with your fireplace, whether you replace the bricks with tile or cover the mantle with plants, you should get a thorough fireplace cleaning done. And before you work on cleaning the outside of your fireplace, you need a chimney cleaning in your Meridian Hills, IN home, so you don’t risk your new fireplace suffering disaster.

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