Crew members building a fireplace using scaffolding inside. The fireplace is currently a wood frame.
A white gray stone fireplace with a wooden mantelpiece being built with scaffolding.
A white gray stone fireplace with a wooden mantelpiece and a chandelier.
A gray stone fireplace decorated for Christmas with garland and a stocking. There is a miniature Santa on the hearth and a painting of Santa on the mantel.
Progression of fireplace being built

Adding or Updating a Fireplace? Count On Our Technicians for Quality Fireplace Installation Services

We love serving Carmel, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Avon, Plainfield, Fishers, Zionsville, Merdian Hills, Mooresville & surrounding areas, and we bring quality service to anyone on the prowl for “fireplace installation near me” – count on us.

You’ve always dreamed of having a fireplace in your home, but all you have now is a blank wall… or an old, outdated fireplace… or a wood-burning setup when you want gas… or a system that’s just not speaking to your current style tastes…

Rest assured that, whether you already have a system to work from or are starting from scratch, we can bring your fireplace vision to life.

  • We can take nothing and turn it into your dream holiday fireplace.
  • We can take that old masonry fireplace and reface it with something new and modern.
  • We can take a messy wood fireplace that’s too much work and turn it into a sleek, highly efficient gas appliance.

The possibilities are endless.

Nothing adds comfort, warmth, and old-world flair to a room like a beautiful hearth. You and your family can enjoy the tranquility of the fireside with a new hearth from Smalling Masonry, LLC. We have the tools and skills to install a wide array of hearths in a variety of materials and styles. So if you’re looking to add the perfect touch to your interior.

If you’re ready to bring that dream of a cozy, crackling, perfectly designed-to-you fireplace to life, we’re the team to call for new fireplace installation services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Give us a call at 317-903-8121 to get started, or you can reach out to us online.

Not Sure Where to Start? Design Your Fireplace Online First!

Now, sometimes it’s hard to really envision something until it’s in place. If you’re a person who has to move furniture, shelving, and picture frames around multiple times until you find that perfect spot for it all, you get what we’re saying…

All that said, when it comes to a fireplace, this isn’t exactly an option. Once it’s installed and in place, well… it’ll be there for a while. Wouldn’t it be handy if there was an online tool where you could design your fireplace ahead of time to get a real feel for what you can expect?

Well, that’s exactly what we have. Mess around with this handy design and free estimate tool knowing that we’ve built fireplaces from literally nothing – big and small – and are confident that we can turn your dreams into the real thing.

Our Fireplace Products

We have the tools and skills to install a wide array of hearths in a variety of materials and styles. We’re happy to sell, install, and maintain the following:

  • Fireplace Inserts: Fireplace inserts are known for their high efficiency levels and their ability to pour a lot of heat into larger spaces. Easily fitted into your existing setup, these aren’t time-consuming for our experts to install, and they make fuel conversions simpler too. Ask us about your options.


  • Manufactured Fireplaces: Also known as prefabricated fireplaces or factory-built fireplaces, manufactured options are built off-site, shipped, then assembled by a professional in your home. This minimizes the expense of building a new fireplace from scratch, and it offers more flexibility in terms of placement and venting options too.


Red brick fireplace before rebuild decorated with an old sailing ship.


Rebuild of a gray stone fireplace with a wood mantel piece. It is decorated with a old sailing ship.


  • Masonry Firebox Fireplaces: Now, manufactured systems definitely have their pros, but a masonry fireplace is hard to beat in terms of looks, longevity, and home value. If this is the route you’d rather take, rest assured, our team of certified fireplace and masonry experts can handle it.


  • Gas Log Sets: Want to enjoy the cozy ambiance of a fireplace, but know that hauling, storing, and cleaning up after wood logs isn’t the route for you? Gas logs are the perfect solution, offering that same great aesthetic without all the work, mess, and hassle.
Gray tile fireplace with white ornate mantel piece with shelving on each side before remodel.


A gray stone wall covering entire wall in-between built-ins after remodel.


  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Ready to improve and update your outdoor space? We offer custom designs on our outdoor fireplaces, ranging from modern to traditional, and incorporating any “extras” you want along the way (like wood storage, brick ovens, mantels, etc.)


  • Outdoor Fire Pits: Is there anything that makes a yard space more inviting than a warm, flickering fire pit? Our master masons guarantee an end result that looks great, functions efficiently, and will become a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space.
A red brick fireplace with a white mantelpiece with a neon sign that says "Black Friday Extended" before remodel.


Light gray stone corner fireplace with a dark mantelpiece.



A gray tiled fireplace with wood ornate mantlepiece decorated with family photo and flowers.


A crew member using a measuring tape in front of a fireplace during remodel.


Grey rock fireplace with a dark brown wood mantelpiece after remodel.

Why Hire Our Team for Your New Fireplace Installation?

Why are we the go-to chimney and fireplace crew for folks in the Indianapolis area? Because our knowledgeable and courteous staff and contractors are committed to excellence in every single job we take on. Customer satisfaction is our passion, and we will always go the extra mile to ensure the homeowners we serve are completely satisfied.

From basic fixes to complex repairs to complete overhauls and brand-new installs, we’re your go-to source for it all. We offer homeowners solutions that will keep their families warmer and more satisfied, and that will enhance the beauty of their homes for years to come.

Ready to find out for yourself why your friends and neighbors rely on us for it all? Get in touch today. You can give us a call directly at 317-903-8121, or you can submit an online contact form, after which we’ll be in touch.

We Do Fireplace Mantel Installation

We offer a wide range of products and materials as part of our fireplace mantel installation services, and we’re eager to show you how we can transform your interior and find the perfect mantel for you.

We have the tools and skills to install a wide array of hearths in a variety of materials and styles. So if you’re looking to add the perfect touch to your interior, contact us to learn more about our hearth construction services.

Ready for a Fireplace Makeover?

When you work with Smalling Masonry, LLC, you’ll get to choose from an impressive array of options and styles. At Smalling Masonry, LLC, we stand behind the quality of our products. We use only the highest quality materials and provide superior value and workmanship on every job. We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Invest in elegance, beauty, and style. Call us today for more information about our hearth construction services or to schedule an estimate.

Dark grey stone fireplace installation with black mantel and tarp covering floor.

Can I DIY My Fireplace Installation?

We can’t tell you what to do, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Remember – you’re dealing with a fire in your home. This is the place where your loved ones take comfort and feel the safest, so ensuring a job done right when it comes to a new fireplace install is imperative.
In addition, most DIY fireplace projects result in errors and mistakes that only cause more damage down the line – that’s whenwe’re eventually called in to fix it. This, surprisingly enough, tends to make hiring a pro the more cost-effective option overall.

Don’t risk gas leaks, house fires, smoke in your space, expensive repairs, inefficiency, and more. Trust our experts from the start for the peace of mind you deserve.

Let’s Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality


Whatever idea you have in mind for your home and fireplace setup, we’re certain we can make it a reality. Rest assured, your end result will be a beautiful, functional, and durable feature that you and your family will enjoy and love for the long haul.

Call 317-903-8121 or send us info or pictures about your next project today.


You can count on us for all your masonry repairs along with your chimney inspection and sweeping.