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Copper outside mount cap on a back chimney

When stormy days and winter winds blow through, having a reliable home heating appliance is important. That said, while you want your fireplace or stove to be fully functional and efficient, you also want it to look great and work well in your space.

Well, we’ve got good news for Indianapolis homeowners – when you work with Smalling Masonry, you get the best of both worlds. Our techs have all the technical knowledge and training to get your system back in tip-top shape and working great, and we pride ourselves on ensuring your setup meets your design and style preferences.

In the end, you’ll be left with a well-designed fireplace that’s both efficient and attractive. Call us at 317-903-8121 or reach out with questions or pictures online to get started.

Employee standing in front of Smalling Masonry van tightening racchet strap on ladder with trees and home in the background.

What To Expect From Us

Whether you want to update the look of your existing chimney, need a new chimney cap installed, have a crown that needs to be repaired, or you need any other restoration work done, you can trust our certified and knowledgeable technicians to not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Once you reach out to have your chimney repaired or serviced by Smalling Masonry, you can expect us to…

  • offer a comprehensive list of chimney repair services
  • make it our business to approach each repair job in a detailed, meticulous fashion
  • personalize our services to your unique needs and aesthetic preferences
  • keep our chimney repair rates reasonable
  • make appointment scheduling a snap

There’s no better team to work with. Call or book with us online today.

Count On Us for Your Chimney Relining Services

We complete the following relining services, ensuring your heating appliance (whatever that might look like for your home) can vent correctly and efficiently:

  • Fireplace Flue Relining Services
  • Furnace & Water Heater Relines
  • B-Vent Installs for High-Efficiency Utility Appliances

Why are relining services important?
Because your liner is what protects your chimney walls from getting exposed to high temps and acidic fumes that are potentially harmful. The more exposure to these things that your chimney faces, the more it’s likely to break down. And if cracks or gapping forms, then your household could face a higher risk for gas leaks and home fires.

So, to keep your system operating at its best, your household better protected, and your chimney free of damage, invest in a quality liner from our team of experts.

We’re Indianapolis’ Trusted Team for Chimney Leak Repairs

Have you noticed puddles of water in your firebox after a big rain storm? Or maybe you’re spotting stains on your home’s ceilings? You might even see puckering wallpaper, mold growth, or rotted woodwork. All of these are signs of water damage, and they can often be traced back to the chimney and fireplace.

There’s no denying that water is one of the most harmful elements your chimney system can come into contact with. Fortunately, we offer the following services to keep your home and fireplace better protected for the long haul.


  • Flashing Installation: The spot where your roof stops and your chimney starts is especially prone to water leaks and damage. This is because these parts of your home are made from different materials, so they don’t always seal effectively where they meet up. Fortunately, we can install flashing, which is a series of metal pieces that effectively safeguard this area from water entry.
  • Chimney Caps: Whether you have a single flue system, a multi-flue system, or some type of specialty design, we can equip you with the perfect chimney cap for your needs. We often recommend outside mount caps, as these offer full-coverage protection and reduce the likelihood of needing expensive repairs later on.
  • Concrete Crowns: A chimney crown should be built from a reliable concrete mix to offer your household the highest level of protection. This ensures water is safely directed away from your chimney sides and opening for the long haul, and it minimizes the risk of breakdowns too. Trust our experts for a job done right.
  • Chase Covers: Chase covers are typically installed on prefabricated chases, but can be effective for masonry chimneys as well. These stainless steel components offer quality, full-coverage protection, working alongside your cap to keep water out of your flue and fireplace for years to come.
A rusted chase cover and trim before makeover, also has fence and autumn leaves in the background.

New Chase Cover And Trim

A brand new silver chase cover and trim on a white chimney with autumn leaves and fencing in the background.
Outside mount chimney cap on top of a red brick chimney and flue.

The Lowdown on Outside Mount Chimney Caps

Why are outside mount chimney caps the recommended choice for so many in our service area? Simply put, they offer protection like none other. They slide over the entire chimney (similar to a shoebox lid going on the box), rather than simply attach to the flue, ensuring the chimney has complete, lasting coverage.

Think of it like this. A basic chimney cap is like throwing a baseball cap on your head in the middle of a downpour. Maybe your nose and eyes stay dry, but your hair, shoulders, and most of your face will still be wet. Wouldn’t you rather have a wide golf umbrella protecting your head, shoulders, and most of your body? Outside mount caps work similarly to these umbrellas (just for your chimney), pushing rain away from the masonry sides and diverting most of the water to the roof or ground.

This is especially great for those with multiple flues or needing a more specialized fit.

Ready to Experience Excellence? Reach Out Today

When a fire burns, it produces carbon monoxide and other toxic gases that need to be directed outside. If your chimney is blocked up or damaged, these gases can intrude into your home and put you and your loved ones at serious risk. Because of this, trusting a reliable company for chimney repair services is imperative. 

If you’re in Marion County, Hamilton County, Morgan County, or anywhere else in our wide service area, count on Smalling Masonry for a job done right, every time. Our team of professionally trained and highly skilled technicians can work with you to create a system that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and keep your family warmer and cozier for years and years.

For results you’ll love, call us at 317-903-8121 or set up an appointment with us online today.

Whether you’re looking for fireplace installation services or a straightforward chimney inspection and sweeping, we’ve got you covered with service from our professional technicians. 

New granite chimney crown on a red brick chimney with above ground swimming pool and home in the background.