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3 Telling Signs You Need to Contact a Cicero, IN Company That Provides Fireplace Repair Near Me

A fireplace is a wonderful feature of your Hamilton County home. It lends to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior, it creates an unforgettable ambiance, and it provides dependable warmth. All that said, whether you use it on a regular basis or you only light it a few times a year, it has to be properly maintained.

Constant exposure to harsh conditions, like intense heat, soot, smoke, ash, and creosote can damage a fireplace, and damage can do more than just diminish its aesthetic appeal… it can also render it unsafe. But how do you know when you need Cicero, IN fireplace repair services?

What are 3 big signs that indication you need a Cicero, IN fireplace repair specialist?

1. Spalling Bricks

Does it look like the bricks on your fireplace or chimney are flaking? If so, you have a spalling problem. Spalling is the result of moisture.

Because bricks are porous, they absorb water – and as the water freezes and thaws, the bricks deteriorate causing their surface to literally peel off. If left unchecked, the spalling will intensify. Eventually, the bricks can crumble, and the entire structural integrity of your fireplace can become compromised. At the first sign of spalling, contact a Cicero, IN fireplace repair contractor.

2. Damaged Mortar Joints

Mortar is the glue that holds brick or stone fireplaces together. Mortar is a porous material, which means it can absorb water. Like spalling bricks, when the moisture trapped inside the mortar freezes and thaws, the mortar joints can crack, crumble, and fall out.

Also, like spalling bricks, damaged or missing mortar joints can weaken the structural integrity of your entire fireplace – and it needs to be promptly addressed. If the mortar joints that hold your Hamilton County fireplace together are damaged, you definitely need to reach out to a contractor that has experience with fireplace repair services.

3. Rust

The damper is a vital component of your Hamilton County fireplace, as it feeds the fire the oxygen it needs, while allowing smoke and carbon monoxide to escape. In addition, it seals your fireplace and home from cold outdoor temps when fires aren’t lit. If you’re struggling to open and close the damper, that’s a sign that you need to call a Cicero, IN fireplace repair technician.

Because dampers are made of metal, if it’s exposed to moisture, they can rust. When that happens, opening and closing the damper can become problematic. If the damper is rusted out, there’s a good chance that other components of your fireplace have been damaged by moisture too. A reputable contractor that’s experienced in fireplace repair will pinpoint the source of the problem and can make the necessary repairs.

Vent on the outside of a brick house

Need Reliable Fireplace Repair Near Me?

Whether you’re having one of the problems mentioned above or you’re experiencing any other issue with your Hamilton County fireplace, high-quality, affordable, and dependable fireplace repair services are just a phone call away. Contact the premier Cicero, IN fireplace repair company – Smalling Masonry. Our professionally trained, fully certified, and highly experienced team will fully restore the safety, function, and aesthetic appeal of your fireplace in no time.

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