Smalling Masonry Proudly Supports Veterans & You Can Too

Here at Smalling Masonry, we proudly support Warrior Horse, an organization that assists veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the use of horses.

Logo of Warrior Horse - A gold outline of a horse. Next to the horse reads "Warrior Horse - Horses, Healing Hope"

What Is Warrior Horse?

Warrior Horse is a non-profit organization that aims to provide support, hope, and healing to veterans dealing with trauma and PTSD. It’s a 3-day program run by founder and Executive Direction, Kevin Russell, and it works to help the veteran release deep traumas and stress, putting them on the right path for improving their psyche and embracing positive and forward change.

Where do the horses come into play?

So, what’s the “horse” part of Warrior Horse? Well, our horses are the central piece of the program. By working with horses and learning about ways to communicate with these creatures (while keeping themselves and the horse safe), the veterans can create a bond of mutual understanding and trust that then guides them forward on the road to healing.

Would You Like To Be a Part of This Mission?

If you’d like to join in Warrior Horse’s mission to help struggling veterans, show your support by sharing about the organization on social media and/or by donating online. You can offer a one-time gift or you can set up an ongoing monthly donation.

Thanks for helping us support this important cause.

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