Meet Our Team

Smalling Masonry is proud of our team and their ability to consistently carry out a job well done.

Long story short – our hard workers are the core to ensuring Smalling Masonry’s operations go smoothly and we are thankful for every member of our team. Here at Smalling we consider each other a welcoming family and are not shy to talk about how adaptable, understanding, and eager to work and learn our employees are.

If you need a job done right, then look no further.

Gary Smalling – President

Jenny Smalling – HR-Office Manager

Andrea Bright – Administrative Assistant

Bill Bishop – Lead Service Technician

Caleb Burgess – Warehouse Coordinator

Jorge Doren – Lead Technician

James Armstrong – Production Manager 

Quint Rouse – Apprentice

Storm Robinson – Supervisor Lead Technician

Tom Marszalkowski – Apprentice

Jacob Ondeka – Consultant

Carl Tanner – Lead Technician

Jaylan Perkins – Apprentice

Steve Martin – Consultant

Roger Thompson – Consultant

Jenny Smalling

“Hello! Thank you for visiting our team page! I run the office at Smalling Masonry. In early 2020, I decided to leave my career in healthcare and join Gary in our family business. I have been around the business and the industry for years, so I came in knowing a lot. However, I wanted to make sure that I could be the best support for our team and for our homeowners, so I went to sweep school and became certified through the CSIA to learn all I could about chimneys and fireplaces. Gary and I often attend training together to build on my knowledge. I love working here not only to make sure that our homeowners get taken care of correctly from the office side, but also so I can provide the best support for our team from the office and HR side of things as well.” 

Storm Robinson

Storm has worked with us since 2017. His favorite thing to do in his free time is working on cars. When asked why he enjoys working here he said,

“I love working here because it’s not work, we are family, and the company likes to help people become better not just with work but become a better person as a whole.”

Andrea Bright

I’ve learned over the years that I thrive in a collaborative, positive culture with plenty of variety and challenges mixed in along the way. Smalling Masonry provides all of that and then some! Their leadership team focuses on hard work, integrity, accountability and work-life balance while encouraging personal and professional growth. Their level of commitment to “doing the next right thing” is inspiring and their desire to become industry leaders is nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Their passion is infectious and I’m proud to be a member of the team they’ve created to help them carry out their mission. 

Roger Thompson

“I have worked for several companies in the industry before coming to join the Smalling family. I made the switch because of the company’s obvious commitment to their employees and customers. In the time I have been here, that has only ever been confirmed. It is also refreshing to work with a company that has the same level of commitment to excellence. Available education is not a problem, and we do our best to have the most competent installers in the industry. The organic growth and intentional efforts cannot be understated.” 

Caleb Burgess

“I have been here for about a year and a half. I like that I’ve never been short of work at this company, and how the guys who take care of this company are also taken care of in return. Strong efforts never go unnoticed, and lack of efforts never go unattended.” 

Jaylan Perkins

“I have been working for Smalling Masonry for about two months and a half. Working for Smalling Masonry has been a blast and the team has been a blast to work with as well. Work has the best medical benefits I know and very respectable company. Work here got me stronger and made into a better man.” 

Stephen Martin

“I enjoy SM because our managers believe in development and training of all team members. Additionally, I get enormous job satisfaction from helping our customers keep their family safe and their home leak free.”