Indianapolis Area Chimney Masonry Repair: We Offer Fireplace Refacing Services, Fireplace Brick Repair, Chimney Rebuilds, Brick Repairs & More

Who doesn’t dream of owning a home with that classic masonry chimney coming out the top? Yet, if yours is crumbling, broken down, and/or discolored, this dream is really more of a nightmare. And not only is it an eyesore, it can mean danger for your household. Fortunately, we have the tools and training to help with any chimney masonry repair and fireplace brick replacement services you need.

Chimney masonry is where we got our start, so saying we’re passionate about restoring and repairing brick chimneys and fireplaces throughout the Indianapolis area is an understatement. And what else are we passionate about? You – the customer! We hate to think of homeowners feeling disappointed in their chimney when our team is here – willing, ready, and fully capable of resolving these issues.

We’re experts in both masonry construction and fireplace/chimney repair services, so rest assured that, when it comes to your home heating appliance, there’s no job too big or too small for our team. For fireplace refacing services, brick and lintel replacements, chimney mortar repairs, chimney rebuilds, and more, we’re the team to call on. Dial 317-903-8121 or book with us online now.

We Offer a Wide Range of Masonry Repairs

When it comes to masonry repairs, our services range far and wide. Some of the most common services we offer include:

  • Chimney Tuckpointing: Tuckpoing is how we restore crumbling mortar joints. When these are damaged, it can affect both the look and the structural integrity of your chimney, so we use proper tools and techniques to remove the old materials and replace it with new mortar.
  • Brick Replacement: Do the bricks themselves in your chimney need to be swapped out? Water damage, cracking, discoloration, and more can make your bricks (and, by proximity, your entire chimney) vulnerable to more damage – and looking pretty worn down too. Fortunately, we can offer quality replacement services.
  • Lintel Replacement: Because the bricks above your fireplace, windows, doors, garage opening, etc. have open space underneath them, they often need some extra support, which is where lintels – or long support beams – come in. If your lintels are failing, our techs can replace them, so your structure continues standing strong.
  • Water Repellent Application: If we’ve recently restored your brickwork and mortar, let’s make sure the job lasts by applying a water repellent to the area. This prevents these materials from soaking in harmful moisture, and it also ensures the freeze/thaw process doesn’t cause cracking come wintertime.
A chimney with red bricks and a crack down the side with home in the background.
Not sure what you need or think you need a service that isn’t listed? Give us a call at 317-903-8121 or reach out to us online. We’d be happy to get your system in order, no matter the issue at hand.

 Interested in Fireplace Refacing Services?

Fireplaces are known for being big focal points of any living space, so you want yours to look good and meet your style and design preferences. We get it! That said, many assume that once a fireplace is built into a home it pretty much needs to stay the way it is. Or, if a change does happen, it’s gotta be time-consuming, messy, and expensive. …right?

Not so much. In fact, we can reface the front of your fireplace relatively quickly – and affordably – when compared to doing a full tear-down and rebuild construction job.

Grey stone fireplace with a black and silver firebox and a circular hearth with floor to ceiling windows on each side.
A multicolor stone floor to ceiling surround and fireplace with a wooden mantle piece.

We offer refacing options in the following materials:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Tile
  • Veneer
  • Cast Concrete

Invest in elegance, beauty, and style. Call us today for more information about our refacing services or reach out online to schedule an appointment.

Interested in a new mantel? If you need a new mantel to complement your fireplace, we’d be happy to help with that too. We offer a wide range of products and materials as part of our fireplace mantel installation services, and we’re eager to show you how we can transform your interior and find the perfect fit for your space.

Red brick fireplace that has halfway been painted white before breast wall remodel.


A white stone breast wall and windows on each side with a thick wooden mantel during a remodel with the floor and hearth covered with protective drop clothes.


A new white stone fireplace with a wooden mantelpiece after remodel.  A tv hangs over the mantel.


A black painted brick fireplace before remodel with Christmas decorations.


During a fireplace remodel, white and gray stone covering half the fireplace with a light wood beam as mantel.


Gray rock fireplace with a light brown wood mantelpiece and granite hearth with TV mounted above mantel and windows on each side.


Is a Chimney Rebuild In Order?

If we can complete repairs for your chimney system, we’ll do all we can to restore it to its former glory. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option if you’ve faced extensive damages due to a big storm, some type of natural disaster, a chimney fire, an outside collision, or years of neglect.

In these cases, a full or partial rebuild may be the best investment. If this is the case, trust our experts to get things done safely, effectively, and in a reasonable time period. We’ll discuss your options ahead of time, figure out the best route for your needs and budget, look over estimated time frames, then move forward with the best plan. Our goal is to get your system back in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy it for many more seasons to come.

Employee wearing protective equipment on a roof smiling with chimney crown behind him.

Ready to Partner With Our Experts? Call Today

We’re known for being caring, honest, punctual, and respectful. As a family-owned business, we know the importance of putting the well-being of our customer base first and foremost. If you’d like to speak with our licensed and certified techs or book your annual inspection, reach out by phone at 317-903-8121 or request your next service with us online. We’ve got your back.

Have some specific questions about a project or pictures to send our way? Contact us through our site – we’re happy to help you out!


At some point, you may discover you need a chimney repair to keep things stable and safe to use. No worries. We provide all that in addition to our chimney inspection and sweeping services.