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3 Telling Signs You Need to Contact a Acton, IN Company That Provides Fireplace Repair Near Me

When you need a Acton, IN fireplace repair professional, rather than searching online for “fireplace repair near me”, contact Smalling Masonry! Our family-owned and locally operated company has been providing the homeowners of Marion County with high-quality fireplace cleaning and repair services for years.

In fact, the services that our CSIA-, NCSG-, and NFI-certified specialists provide are so impeccable that we’ve been voted in the Top 12 Tucker Home Services for six years in a row, and we were the 2020 recipient of the Angi Super Service Award.

We use only the highest quality materials, advanced tools, and cutting-edge technologies, and we adhere to the most stringent safety regulations. We’re also fully committed to not only meeting the needs of our clients but we’re dedicated to meeting their expectations. For truly reliable Fireplace Repair Near Me, contact the Acton, IN fireplace repair company that Marion County trusts most: Smalling Masonry!

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3 Signs That Indicate You Need to Call a Acton, IN Fireplace Repair Specialist

A fireplace is a wonderful feature of your Marion County home. Not only does it lend to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior, but it also creates ambiance, and provides dependable warmth. Whether you use it on a regular basis or you only light it a few times a year, it has to be properly maintained.

Constant exposure to harsh conditions, like intense heat, soot, smoke, ash, and creosote can damage a fireplace, and damage can do more than just diminish its aesthetic appeal; it can also render it unsafe. But how do you know when you need Acton, IN fireplace repair services? Here’s a look at some telling signs that you need to contact a Marion County contractor that specializes in Fireplace Repair Near Me.

Spalling Bricks

Does it look like the bricks on your fireplace or chimney are flaking? If so, you have a spalling problem. Spalling is the result of moisture.

Because bricks are porous, they absorb water, and as the water freezes and thaws, the bricks deteriorate, and their surface literally peels off. If left unchecked, the spalling will intensify, and eventually, the bricks can crumble, and the entire structural integrity of your fireplace can become compromised. At the first sign of spalling, contact a Acton, IN fireplace repair contractor.

Damaged Mortar Joints

Mortar is the glue that holds brick or stone fireplaces together. Mortar is a porous material, which means it can absorb water. Like spalling bricks, when the moisture trapped inside the mortar freezes and thaws, the mortar joints can crack, crumble, and fall out.

Also like spalling bricks, damaged or missing mortar joints can weaken the structural integrity of your entire fireplace, and it needs to be promptly addressed. If the mortar joints that hold your Marion County fireplace together are damaged, you definitely need to reach out to a contractor that has experience with Fireplace Repair Near Me.


The damper is a vital component of your Marion County fireplace, as it feeds the fire the oxygen it needs, and it allows smoke and carbon monoxide to exhaust out of your home. If you’re struggling to open and close the damper, that’s a sign that you need to call a Acton, IN fireplace repair technician. Because dampers are made of metal, if it’s exposed to moisture, they can rust.

When that happens, opening and closing the damper can become problematic. If the damper is rusted out, there’s a good chance that other components of your fireplace have been damaged by moisture. A reputable contractor that’s experienced in Fireplace Repair Near Me will pinpoint the source of the problem and will make the necessary repairs.

Need Reliable Fireplace Repair Near Me?

Whether you’re having one of the aforementioned problems or you’re experiencing any other issue with your Marion County fireplace, for high-quality, affordable, and dependable Fireplace Repair Near Me, contact the premier Acton, IN fireplace repair company: Smalling Masonry. Our professionally trained, fully certified, and highly experienced team will fully restore the safety, function, and aesthetic appeal of your fireplace in no time! Call 317-903-8121 today!

Some information about Acton, IN

Acton is a small community located in the southeast corner of Marion County, Indiana, United States, and has been included in the city of Indianapolis under the Unigov legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 1969. The community was named for an early settler, General Acton.

The community’s original name was Farmersville. The town was renamed in 1854 when the U.S. Postal Service discovered there was already a town named Farmersville in Posey County, Indiana.

From 1859 to 1905, a group of Methodists operated the Acton Camp Ground on 40 acres (16 ha) just north of the town, at the corner of Southport and Acton roads. An agreement with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad provided good access to the camp grounds. Fire destroyed the camp buildings in 1864, but the association rebuilt them. Another fire in 1905 again destroyed the camp, but this time efforts to raise funds to rebuild fell short, and the land was sold.

Actress Marjorie Main was born in Acton in 1890. Born Mary Tomlinson, Marjorie Main, moved from Acton to Elkhart, Indiana as a child

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