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Black combustion residue, soot, and creosote accumulates on the inner surface of your chimney’s flue liner and is very flammable. If you allow it to build up, it may catch fire and cause cracks in clay or stone flue liners and fireproof bricks. The fire or heat may also reach nearby combustible materials and wood framing in the home. In short, a dirty or poorly maintained chimney can potentially cause a house fire.

This is when you need a professional chimney sweep in Rocky Ripple, IN to keep it clean and well-functioning. If you live in Rocky Ripple, IN, consider scheduling your thorough chimney inspection in early summer or late spring, especially when the cold season officially ends. This way, you get enough time to plan or schedule chimney repair Rocky Ripple, IN you need before winter begins.

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Why You Need Chimney Repair Near Me in Rocky Ripple, IN

Thanks to professional chimney repair experts like Smalling Masonry who offer a wide range of comprehensive services in Call 317-903-8121 to get in touch with the experts at Smalling Masonry if you live in Marion County, IN. You can also book with us online, homeowners in Rocky Ripple can rest easier. Competent chimney sweep and repair experts in Marion County – like us – help homeowners improve the security of their homes.

Chimney sweep services in Rocky Ripple, IN ensure a team of trained and certified technicians who have the right set of skills to provide fireplace repair services are ready to serve you.

Still unsure why hiring professionals for chimney repair is pivotal? Keep scrolling down to find out.

Why Hiring Professionals for Chimney Repair Is Important

While relaxing in front of the fireplace is very enjoyable, it requires some upkeep and maintenance to make sure everything stays safer and cleaner. An essential service homeowners need is regular chimney sweep services. Though hiring a professional chimney sweep in Rocky Ripple, IN offers plenty of benefits, the most important advantage you get is fire prevention.

That means you need professionals for chimney repair to prevent creosote accumulation, which may cause a fire.

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Signs Your Chimney & Fireplace Needs Repair

Never take your chimney repair for granted or assume that this structure is one of the worry-free parts of your house. Many problems may arise if you don’t invest in repairing or replacing your chimney for years. As mentioned above, a damaged chimney or fireplace can turn into a serious fire hazard.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you call chimney repair experts, such as Smalling Masonry, if you live in Marion County and note the following signs.

  • White Staining: If you see white staining or discoloration on the fireplace, it may be a sign of efflorescence. Though you can remove the staining using simple techniques, accumulation of efflorescence indicates that there is excess moisture in the chimney. It may lead to premature chimney deterioration if not dealt with timely. Chimney repair services in Rocky Ripple, IN may help you prevent potential moisture problems.
  • Deteriorating Mortar Joints: It is important to repair damaged or broken mortar joints between fireplace masonry quickly. If mortar deteriorates, the brickwork is exposed to moisture, and it may accelerate the deterioration of the chimney. In cold weather, the excess moisture freezes inside the cracks in the brickwork. This can be hazardous and cause the entire chimney to collapse if you don’t repair it timely.
  • Rust: Note that your fireplace or chimney structure should be rust-free. However, if you see signs of corrosion in the damper or firebox, it is an indication of excess moisture in the chimney. It may seal the damper shut and cause problems in its operation. The visible signs of rust in the chimney are a call for professional inspection and repairs. This may lead to cracked and broken flue tiles.
  • Damaged Wallpaper: Wallpaper damage on the walls near the chimney is a visible sign of chimney damage. If you see wallpaper that’s peeling or damaged around the chimney walls, it may be due to the moisture in the fireplace. Repairs to the flue or chimney are mandatory before you continue the use.

Seeking the help of expert chimney sweep Rocky Ripple, IN in Marion County is important. The professionals use a camera to assess the flue lining and make sure that there is no breach in your chimney system that could house fire.

Things You Should Know Before You Have Your Chimney Cleaned

A specialized chimney sweep in Marion County thoroughly cleans your chimney and fireplace. Their specialized training also empowers them to check the chimney for defects. They send a video camera and light into the chimney to get a closer look at its liner, surfaces, and walls.

This also helps them take a visual record of the condition of a chimney for the homeowners. Smalling Masonry provides a complete and in-depth chimney inspection by;

  • Checking the firebox for broken brick or crumbling mortar.
  • Opening the damper to make sure it is moving freely and fits against its smoke shelf.
  • Using a flashlight to evaluate the damper for dents and cracks, rusted-out or pitted sections. (Corroded or broken dampers must be replaced.)
  • Looking for debris that restricts airflow in the chimney.
  • Checking for broken flue liners and bricks. (Vertical cracking in the surface liner is a sign of a flue fire. It can be a serious issue that needs repair.)
  • Checking and removing creosote deposits that is more than 1/8 inch thick.

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All in all, many people often don’t consider sweeping or cleaning a chimney a part of home improvement. That said, fireplace repair is as mandatory as other home improvement tasks. You should call a professional repair specialist to make any necessary changes.

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