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As the fall season reaches its peak, many of us in Marion County are already prepared with closed windows and heavy blankets. The falling temperatures mean it is time to use wood-burning stoves and for the fireplace to warm up your home. However, nothing is more frustrating than finding your fireplace needs maintenance when it is time to use it.

We Provide Chimney Cleaning in Castleton, IN

Fortunately, a chimney sweep in Castleton, IN can help homeowners check chimneys or fireplaces before winter. Your chimney needs to be cleaned and checked for soundness, deposits, and clearances to ensure proper functioning for your family’s safety.

Hiring chimney cleaning professionals – such as Smalling Masonry in Castleton, IN – is the right thing to do when it comes to safety. As experts in chimney cleaning or sweeping, Smalling Masonry has been helping homeowners for years in Indiana. That makes our service the best and most sought after – we’re the preferred chimney sweep in Castleton, IN.

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Why You Need Chimney Cleaning

Ideally, checking if your chimney or fireplace is in proper or functioning condition before the burning season is best to ensure safety. That means you should get your chimney inspection or chimney cleaning during the summer, spring, or early fall. This is typically the right time to ensure your fireplace is ready to warm the house.

Chimney cleaning is even more important if your home is on the older side. Calling chimney sweeps, such as Smalling Masonry, will allow you to note creosote buildup in the fireplace flue. With the help of a chimney sweep in Castleton, IN, you will be able to detect components like rodents or other creatures clogging the fuel in your fireplace too.

The clogged deposit traps the toxic fumes and increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning the house – and that can be extremely dangerous for you and your family’s safety. This is when you need expert and reliable chimney cleaning in Castleton, IN and Marion County.

Don’t wait until the winter… Smalling Masonry does chimney cleaning throughout the year. The professional chimney sweepers in IN follow the recommendations from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to make sure you get what you pay for when clean chimney. 

How Can You Detect if Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

One of the fastest ways to detect if your fireplace needs cleaning or sweeping is by running a fireplace poker inside the chimney liners. If it has more than a 1/8-inch of buildup (nickel thickness), contact a chimney sweep in Castleton, IN.

A professional chimney cleaner sees more than fifty chimney fires or hearths a year. They know and understand that more than 50 to 60 percent of fireplaces and chimneys need extra cleaning. This is because most homeowners wait for months – and sometimes years – before calling a chimney cleaning expert.

In many extreme cases, a hardened buildup layer is formed inside the fireplace that requires thorough cleaning with specially designed chemicals and tools. No matter how simple detecting buildup or cleaning may seem to you, it requires expertise.

The CSIA recommends hiring professional chimney cleaners for complete and in-depth inspections for the best results. A professional chimney cleaning by renowned professionals like Smalling Masonry includes noting soot buildup, cracks or dents in the chimney and its liner, obstructions, and water damage signs.

We also look for the gaps between the chimney’s clay liner sections. We use tools and chemicals to locate these tiny gaps that may weaken the structure and store soot buildup.

Chimney Cleaning Process – What Does It Include

When you seek Smalling Masonry services, our professional cleaners start with covering fireplaces and other places that need to be cleaned with drop cloths. Our team of professional chimney cleaners will ensure that your home remains unaffected. We set up an industrial vacuum and run a 4-inch diameter giant hose that seals over the chimney opening.

The vacuum is switched on and remains running to collect the debris created from the cleaning – it keeps your home clean when work is being completed. The competent technicians at Smalling Masonry use a premium quality industrial vacuum to remove dust from chimneys.

We also use other sturdy and specially designed tools to pick up or collect loose material. Using robust brushes and rods, professional chimney cleaning experts like us can remove soot and flue and creosote deposits while vacuuming the dust below.

Meanwhile, we keep up with visual inspections to ensure the chimney stays in great condition. Throughout the process, chimney sweepers follow conventional standards of fireplace cleaning. For instance, for a chimney, we run small brushes and rods into the smoke chamber through the damper.

The final stage involves scooping the creosote and soot off the shelf. An expert scrubs out the firebox and examines the condition and the work for those parts of the chimney. In a wood-burning stove, the sweeper removes the build up inside.

With specific appliances and stoves, depending on the installation, the sweeper takes apart the fireplace connectors from stoves to clean them properly. When the work is finished, the professional team turns off the equipment and loads it back.

To promote safety in IN homes, our team provides a chimney evaluation report to all customers, informing them about the condition of their system.

What To Check When Hiring Chimney Professionals

This might sound like something of less significance, but it is important to check the competency of the company you hire for a chimney sweep in Castleton, IN.

Professional chimney service providers, for instance, Smalling Masonry has the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s certification and other accreditations making it a credible organization. All technicians at Smalling Masonry have passed the Certified Chimney Sweep exam and carry an identification badge.

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All in all, chimney cleaning is an essential part of your home improvement task if you live in Marion County. Thus, the article explains important aspects of chimney cleaning. It also highlights why hiring competent and professional clean sweep experts like Smalling Masonry are the right option.

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