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Seek a quality chimney sweep in Spring Hill, IN (46228)? Whether you use it every day, once a year, or only as a spot to set your cup of coffee down, your fireplace is a central part of your living room. It takes up a lot of space and keeps your home warmer on a cold winter’s day. And while you may often clean the outside of your fireplace to make sure it looks beautiful for your guests, there are many reasons why you should get the inside regularly cleaned as well.


The Dangers of a Dirty Chimney

Neglecting your fireplace is not only dirty, but dangerous. If you ignore your Marion County chimney when you’re doing some spring cleaning, you can risk your roof collapsing, a fire starting, or growing ill due to mold or soot buildup. Before your Spring Hill, IN chimney starts to have issues, search for “chimney cleaning near me” to find a team of experts you can trust. Better yet, hire the certified and experienced crew at Smalling Masonry to start your burn season off right.

Even if you don’t use your chimney as often as your ancestors did, you should still get it cleaned and inspected, at least annually. If you fail to do so, you can risk many damages to your home and your health. Some examples?

  • Water can enter cracks and mold can flourish, harming the air in your home. Long-term mold exposure can cause many adverse health effects – definitely something to avoid.
  • If you have a damaged chimney, you can risk it collapsing, harming your roof and your yard – and anyone in the nearby area – as it tumbles down.
  • Leaves and soot can accumulate in your chimney if you never clean it. If they continue to fill the space, you can risk a house fire starting.

While getting a chimney cleaning will prevent these negative side effects of owning a fireplace, there are other benefits to consider as well.

Benefits of Getting a Chimney Sweep in Spring Hill, IN

  • Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: You’ve probably heard of this gas before, but never for good reasons. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that, inhaled at high levels, is deadly. When this gas enters your bloodstream, it replaces the oxygen in your blood cells with carbon monoxide. This can cause tissue damage and, if untreated, death. Having buildup in your fireplace, whether soot, leaves, or animals, compromises the airflow. This lack of airflow allows the gas to enter your home and harm your family. To keep your family safer, get a chimney cleaning done to ensure it’s free of debris.
  • Removing Creosote: When you have a buildup of creosote in your Spring Hill, IN chimney, you’re at a much higher risk of experiencing chimney fire. Creosote is a chemical formed by the combustion of wood. The chemical travels with the smoke, and when it mixes with cold air, it solidifies and can stick to the liner of your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and needs to be cleared out regularly.
  • System Longevity: When you invest in chimney cleaning services in Spring Hill, IN, you can improve your fireplace and chimney’s longevity significantly. With annual check-ups, you will know right away if there are any cracks or damages to your chimney – and if you spot damages early, you can get them repaired before something bigger (and most costly to address) happens. Keeping your chimney clean and fixed when (or, ideally, before) issues appear promotes its longevity.
  • Reducing Foul Odors: You may not know what is residing in your chimney if you never hire a chimney cleaning service for your Marion County home. Sources of the stench can include mold, animal carcasses, creosote, leaves, or soot buildup. Getting a chimney sweeping in Spring Hill, IN will reduce these foul odors.
  • Making Future Inspections Smoother: When you have annual inspections on your chimney, it’s easier to inspect it in the future. If you wait several years before getting a chimney cleaning or sweep, the chimney technician will have to shuffle through years of buildup. Therefore, make your cleanings easier by getting them done often.
  • Preventing Repairs: In the same vein as getting your chimney inspected annually, the more you prioritize searching for “chimney cleaning near me” – and hire a qualified team of techs, like us – the better. Your chimney sweep can catch small issues before they grow into larger ones. In addition, getting your chimney inspected regularly protects your family from potential threats.
  • Gaining Peace of Mind: The best benefit of having a chimney cleaning service performed? Gaining the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are safer because of your Smalling Masonry chimney cleaning and sweep. You know that, whenever issues arise, you can call a chimney sweep and get them fixed. Also, you know that your chimney is functioning as safely as possible and that you can walk past your fireplace daily without concern.

A Brief History of the Fireplace

While you may only use your fireplace after a long day of playing outside in the cold, they had a more major role in everyday life years ago. Whether in a pit or a fireplace, fire is an essential part of survival. From the early years of civilization to now, we use fire constantly to keep us warm or make food. It wasn’t until the 1900s that using a fireplace every day became more obsolete thanks to the introduction of central heating in homes.

While some people use them more often than others, we still need to care for our Marion County chimneys. Back when fireplaces were necessary for warmth, people understood that chimney sweeps were essential to making life function. Nowadays, however, chimney sweeps don’t receive enough attention – but they still are necessary to keep your house safe!

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Whether you use your chimney as often as your ancestors did or you have never used it before, you should get a chimney cleaning and inspection done annually before any issues arise. There are many benefits of keeping up with your fireplace cleaning, and if you’re ready to reap those rewards, call Smalling Masonry at 317-903-8121 today. To learn about all the chimney cleaning services we offer in Marion County, browse our website. You can also schedule with us online.


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