Fireplaces top the list of sought after amenities for homeowners in all parts of the world. The reasoning behind this is that in addition to the fact that a fireplace adds an additional heating element to the home; it also acts as a design element. Moreover, fireplace accessories like folding fireplace screens and wroughtiron fireplace screens enhance the stylish aspect of a fireplace.

Choosing the proper fireplace accessories is as important as the actual fireplace. Not only do you need a variety of accessories that function well, but you also want pieces that look nice as well. The fireplace screen is perhaps the most important piece in this category. You need a fireplace screen that is going to do its job at keeping the fire within the realm of the fireplace. At the same time, you need the fireplace screen to enhance the design of the fireplace without looking like an eyesore you would rather hide in a back closet.

A wrought iron fireplace screen can best accomplish this task. The look of wrought iron is unparalleled among other decorative materials. It’s tough and can stand up to the heat of a fireplace, which is what makes it such a perfect material for a fireplace screen. At the same, it is decorative in its nature, so it does actually look nice as an adornment for your fireplace.

Some homeowners opt for a folding fireplace screen, which can still be made of wrought iron. The benefit of a folding fireplace screen is that you can tuck it away when you are not using it, but it will still look beautiful while protecting your home interior from the flames in your fireplace. Many folding fireplace screens are large enough to cover the opening of your fireplace, but still compact enough to fit in a closet or behind large pieces of furniture. This is the best option for people who don’t to use their fireplace screen as a design element.

No matter which option you choose, a fireplace screen is a necessity if you plan to actually use your fireplace (unless its gas). The embers from the fire can find their way out of the fireplace and onto your carpet, which can start a fire in your home. So it doesn’t matter where the decorative element of a fireplace screen is an issue to you; the function of the screen is important for safety reasons.

When choosing a wrought iron fireplace screen, pay attention to the artisanship and detail incorporated into the piece. Since you are making the investment in a functional work of art, you want to make sure that are getting the quality you are paying for.

However, because you do have to have a fireplace screen, purchase one that looks nice and functions well. A wrought iron fireplace screen can serve for both form and function and give you a level of durability and style unmatched by other fireplace screen materials. A wrought iron fireplace screen is a worthwhile investment for your home and a great way to play up an otherwise ordinary space, particularly when used in conjunction with other wrought iron furnishings in the home.