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Great service as well as patient and friendly staff.
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Fireplace Repair in Marion County, IN 46228

Why You Should Hire a Marion County, IN Professional for Your New Fireplace Installation

Are you thinking about installing a new fireplace in your the area home? If so, for the best results possible, contact Smalling Masonry! We’re a leading Marion County, IN fireplace repair company that does more than just service existing fireplaces; we also custom-craft and expertly install new gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Our team of CSIA-, NFI-, and NCSG-certified technicians are true craftsmen that strive for excellence in each and every job, and they always go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We’ll work with you to create the perfect fireplace for your home, and will ensure that it’s properly installed so that you can enjoy safe and reliable warmth. For the best fireplace installation services in the area, look no further than the Marion County, IN fireplace repair and installation experts at Smalling Masonry!

Why It’s Important to Hire a Marion County, IN Fireplace Installation Professional

A fireplace is a wonderful feature. It not only provides architectural interest and enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home’s interior, but it’s also a source of affordable and dependable warmth. There really is nothing better than curling up in front of a roaring fire with a good book on a chilly night, or gathering with loved ones and sharing special moments together.

If your the area home isn’t equipped with a fireplace, or if it is but your current fireplace is in disrepair and is unusable, or it just doesn’t suit your taste, you might be thinking about having a new one installed. If you love a good do-it-yourself project, you may be contemplating installing a new fireplace yourself. While DIY projects can be fun, exciting, and rewarding challenges, installing a new fireplace isn’t a project that you should attempt to undertake on your own; rather, it’s a job that requires a skilled professional.

If you’re thinking about installing a new fireplace yourself, before you collect your tools and supplies, read on to find out why you should forgo the DIY approach and hire a fireplace installation professional instead.

The Right Fit

If you’re planning on having a new fireplace installed into an existing fireplace space, it might appear like a pretty simple and straightforward job. In reality, however, fireplace installation can be quite complex. Why? Well, for starters, proper measurements are essential to ensure a proper fit. If the fireplace insert doesn’t fit properly, it won’t vent properly, and you’ll run the risk of having your the area home fill up with smoke and/or carbon dioxide. Plus, if the size of the insert is off, the aesthetic appeal of the finished project will be compromised.

A reputable Marion County, IN chimney repair and installation company will take accurate measurements with pinpoint precision to ensure the safety and the aesthetic appeal of the structure – and your the area home.

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Essential Infrastructure Installation

Unless you’re planning on installing a wood-burning fireplace with an open hearth, your fireplace installation will require additional components. For example, a gas line needs to be run for a gas fireplace, and for an electric fireplace, electrical connections will be needed to power the blower, pilot light, fan, and auger. A professional Marion County, IN fireplace repair and installation technician will not only know exactly what components will be needed, but they’ll make sure that they’re properly installed.

Greater Safety

There are dozens of building codes that apply to fireplaces and chimneys. For example, to avoid the risk of fire, the chimney liner and the firebox absolutely must have the appropriate clearance from nearby walls. As per codes, a heavy fireplace insert might need additional support. A certified Marion County, IN fireplace repair and installation specialist will be well-versed in all local the area and Indiana building codes, and they will ensure that your new fireplace installation meets those codes, as well as the manufacturer recommendations to ensure that your fires burn safely and efficiently.

For Expert Fireplace Installation in the area, Contact Smalling Masonry!

If you’re interested in installing a new fireplace, for the safest and most effective results possible, forget the DIY approach and hire a fireplace installation professional from Smalling Masonry instead! Our team of certified and experienced technicians will assist you with designing and installing the perfect fireplace for your the area home. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call 317-903-8121 today!

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