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If you’ve enjoyed a long sunny day out and about in Brownsburg, maybe exploring Williams Park or strolling through Arbuckle Acres Park, you’re probably ready to put up your feet and relax for a bit. And if you’re hoping to light a cozy fire on these evenings, trust us for your regular chimney and fireplace care.

Whether you need a new liner, some repair services, a new system installed, or just some basic annual maintenance, Smalling Masonry has homeowners in Brownsburg, Indianapolis, and more completely covered.

FAQs About Your Chimney Liner

Your chimney liner is one of the most crucial elements of your chimney system. Without it, your chimney will not move smoke and gases efficiently up and out, and, more importantly, it can pose numerous dangers to your home and family.

How do I know if my chimney needs a new liner?

Due to the precarious location of a chimney liner, it can be rather difficult to discern its state of quality and function. That’s why we always recommend having your home heating appliance chimney inspected at least once a year, so that you can rest assured it will perform as expected throughout the burning season. That said, there are also signs you can watch out for that signal your liner is failing.

  • You notice little bits and pieces of clay or bricks in or around your fireplace or stove. If you find that there are small chunks of what appear to be terra cotta tiles in your firebox, your clay tiles have begun to spall, crack, and crumble, thus compromising the integrity of your system and the health and safety of your family.
  • There seem to be excessive amounts of creosote and soot buildup. No matter the fuel source, after time it is only natural for the byproducts to collect on the inner walls of the flue, smoke chamber, and damper. That’s one of the reasons regular, annual chimney sweepings and inspections are so important – to clear out accumulated gunk. However, if you’re noticing more buildup in lesser amounts of time, that might be a sign that something is off with your liner.
  • Your heating appliance is less efficient or it is not performing as optimally as it once was. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of you noticing that your home heating applaince is acting strange. If it’s gas, it might not stay lit for more than a few moments, or if it’s wood, you could be experiencing significant issues with downdraft or smoke blowing back into the living space.


Whatever your concern and no matter the issue, Smalling Masonry can help with it all.

Can I use a chimney without a liner?

Definitely not. A properly installed, fully functioning chimney liner is an absolute necessity for any home heating system. If you believe something is off with your liner, it is crucial that you stop using your system until a professional can come out and discuss potential relining options with you.

How long does a chimney liner usually last?

The lifespan of a liner really depends on both the liner’s material (metal or terra cotta clay), as well as the overall maintenance of the chimney system. If you’re up to date with your annual inspections and schedule services and maintenance accordingly, your chimney liner can last for decades.

However, if you neglect service responsibilities or use the system incorrectly, the longevity of your chimney liner is likely to be much shorter than designed.

Typically, if appropriately treated and well-maintained, a clay liner can last a lifetime – upwards of 50 years or so – and a stainless steel liner has a long lifespan of around 50 plus years. Regardless, in order to optimize performance and efficiency, you should always have your chimney (and all of its parts) regularly checked before the burning season begins.

What Chimney & Fireplace Services Can We Help You With?

When it comes to chimney service professionals in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, Smalling Masonry is the best there is. Book online or give us a call now.

We’d love to help you out with any of the following:

  • Chimney Inspection & Sweeping
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Chimney Relining
  • Flashing Repairs & Replacement
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Concrete Crown Repair
  • Fireplace Insert Installation
  • Masonry Fireplace Installation
  • Manufactured Fireplace Installation
  • Gas Log Set Installation
  • Gas Log Servicing
  • Outdoor Fireplace Installation
  • Outdoor Fire Pit Installation
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