Fishers’ Residents Rely On Smalling Masonry for Chimney Leak & Masonry Repairs

We love traveling to Fishers and serving all of the wonderful residents throughout it. There’s no denying the city has tons of great entertainment options, whether it’s dining out, taking a shopping trip, seeing a movie or show, or something else. And don’t forget great outdoor spots like Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, Geist Waterfront Park, Flat Fork Creek Park, and more.

That said, maybe it’s winter and the weather isn’t good for visiting parks – or maybe it’s a rainy, windy day in springtime. In these cases, you’re better off running a few errands, getting that post office trip out of the way, grabbing a good book then settling in at home by your cozy fireplace.

And fortunately for those living in Fishers and all of its surrounding areas, our team can ensure your fireplace and chimney stay in tip-top shape with every season. We’d be happy to help you out. Call or book online with us today.

We Combat Common Chimney Threats

If you had to guess what your chimney and fireplace’s biggest threat is, what would you say? Many assume fire or heat is an obvious answer, or maybe even the corrosive gases your fires are known to produce. Few guess that the true enemy to chimney systems is water.

That’s right. Water can invite a long list of issues to systems that aren’t adequately safeguarded against it, including rust, wood rot, masonry deterioration, crumbling mortar joints, chimney liner damage, staining, mold growth, and more.

Fortunately for those in or near Indianapolis, our team of certified chimney technicians are equipped to address this damage, then take action to prevent it from recurring down the line.

How Can We Correct & Prevent Chimney Water Damage?

  • We can install flashing, which is metal sheets that safeguard the area where your roof and chimney meet.
  • We can install an appropriately-sized chimney cap that matches the design and shape of your chimney flue(s).
  • We can repair or rebuild your chimney crown, constructing it with a durable concrete mix.
  • We can install a sturdy and dependable chase cover over the top of your masonry or prefabricated flue.
  • We can complete any necessary masonry repairs, like tuckpointing, ensuring water doesn’t have any easy entry points.
  • We can apply a water repellent to your masonry, so your masonry can’t soak in damaging moisture.
  • We can complete annual inspections and sweepings to ensure any possible issues are caught early and taken care of.
A red brick chimney is being rebuilt surrounded by scaffolding and protective tarps.

Our Full Service List

Our full list of services includes the following:

  • Chimney Inspection & Sweeping
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Chimney Relining
  • Flashing Repairs & Replacement
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Concrete Crown Repair
  • Fireplace Insert Installation
  • Masonry Fireplace Installation
  • Manufactured Fireplace Installation
  • Gas Log Set Installation
  • Gas Log Servicing
  • Outdoor Fireplace Installation
  • Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

Questions? Please reach out. We’re here and happy to ensure our customers’ chimney and fireplace services are taken care of.

Discover the Many Ways We Can Assist You

We’re confident that our licensed, certified, and experienced techs can handle any of your chimney or venting needs. Give us a call at 317-903-8121 with questions or request your next appointment online today. We can’t wait to serve you.


Thinking of living in Franklin? Great! We’ll look forward to seeing you in this friendly service community, bringing all our professional chimney services to you on a regular basis.