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We Can Help You Avoid Chimney Water Threats & Freeze/Thaw Damage

So, water and masonry are not known for meshing well. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) once deemed water as a chimney’s great enemy. And while rusting, wood rot, masonry deterioration, and more are threats no matter where you live, here in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, we face an additional threat when it comes to water intrusion – the freeze/thaw process.

What is the freeze/thaw process?

The freeze/thaw process is something that can occur in brickwork during the cold winter months when temps drop below freezing. When this happens, the water that your bricks have already absorbed freezes, expands, and pushes on the brick from the inside, often triggering cracking and deterioration.

Eventually temps rise and the water thaws, but now there’s even more room for moisture to enter. And thus the process continues until all of a sudden your chimney is in rough shape and unsafe for use.

This can happen many times throughout a season as temps rise and fall, so doing all things possible to avoid it is a must.

How can I avoid freeze/thaw damage?

  1. Book annual inspections. This ensures we spot any signs of damage early, then get it patched up and addressed before it can worsen or happen again.
  2. Invest in water repellent. When you trust our techs to professionally waterproof your masonry, rest assured we use vapor-permeable products that last – and they don’t affect the look of your system either.
  3. Ask about leak prevention services. If we can prevent leaks (rather than be called in to repair them), this is always the best-case scenario. Ask about flashing repairs, chimney cap installation, crown rebuilds, and more.
  4. Don’t put off repairs. If you do need repair services, don’t put them off. The sooner we can get cracks filled in and your masonry restored, the better off you’ll be.
Gray stone fireplace with dark wood mantelpiece

Our Chimney Repair List Is Exhaustive

In addition to our chimney leak repair services, we also offer the following chimney and fireplace repairs:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick Replacement
  • Fireplace Facelifts
  • Chimney Relining
  • Flashing Repairs & Replacement
  • Water Repellent Application
  • Chase Cover Installation
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Concrete Crown Repair
  • Gas Log Servicing
  • Chimney Rebuilds

Looking for Fireplace Installation Services?

Our trusted, licensed, and certified technicians can also be trusted to install your new fireplace, gas log set, or fireplace insert. Ask about your options, and if you’re interested in some type of outdoor heating system (like an outdoor fireplace or fire pit), we’d be happy to help with that too.
From prefab to masonry, wood-burning to gas, we’ve got you covered for whatever your heart and home desire.

Interested in a Maintenance Plan?

The best way to ensure you stay on top of your inspections and sweepings year after year is to sign up for our chimney maintenance plan. Once enrolled, we’ll contact you every year to get this maintenance booked (taking the burden off your shoulders), and we offer discounts and a locked-in rate as well. 

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Reach out – we’d be happy to answer questions and get you on our list.

Call Today With Concerns or Questions

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We often travel to Plainfield for chimney repairs, fireplace installations, and chimney inspecions and sweepings. If you are living in our service area, Smalling Masonry can help you too.