Need a Chimney & Fireplace Inspection & Sweeping in Westfield? Smalling Masonry Can Help

If it’s a sunny day in the city, you may be looking for something fun to do. Quaker Park, Freedom Trail Park, and MacGregor Park are all great spots to visit, and there are lots of great local shopping and dining options too. There’s no denying Westfield is a great town to visit, live in, work in, and play in. We absolutely love this area.

Need Chimney Care in Westfield?

Residing in Westfield? Maybe you just moved into a house that has a chimney and you aren’t sure if it needs to be serviced. Or maybe you have started seeing things like smoke or soot around your existing fireplace or wood stove. Either way, you need some quality chimney services – and fast.

If there are any issues that need to be addressed in this city or any of its surrounding areas, we can do a thorough overview and get to the bottom of the problem. Reach out to the experts at Smalling Masonry now.

What Causes Chimney Fires?

Quick answer: Dirty chimneys lead to chimney fires.

Your home’s chimney system is designed specifically to keep your family and home safer while you enjoy endless cozy fires. One of its main functions is to funnel smoke and other harmful byproducts outside of your home – and regardless of the type of fuel you burn, your chimney system could put your household at risk if not properly swept and maintained on an annual basis.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove, then creosote buildup is your biggest worry. Creosote is created from burning wood and it’s extremely combustible. If not cleared out regularly, your chimney could face some serious damage – and your household some serious risks.

How Often Should I Get a Sweep & Inspection?

We recommend that you get your chimney system inspected and swept at least once a year. And if you use your system a lot, then you may need to do this more often. Other things, like the type of fuel you use, can lead to increased inspections needed as well.

A common misconception is that gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts don’t require the same maintenance… However, they do. While gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts may not create creosote, they still leave your home susceptible to things like carbon monoxide or condensation issues. Your best defense against these unwanted occurrences is to have your chimney system inspected and swept each year by our expert chimney technicians.

To sum up, whether you’re burning wood, gas, or pellets, yearly inspections are a must. You’ll also need to have an inspection done anytime a home with a chimney changes ownership. So, if you’ve moved recently, better pick up that phone and give us a call to schedule an inspection.

Our Service List: What Do You Need?


Count on us for any of the following:

  • Chimney Inspection & Sweeping
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Chimney Relining
  • Flashing Repairs & Replacement
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Concrete Crown Repair
  • Fireplace Insert Installation
  • Masonry Fireplace Installation
  • Manufactured Fireplace Installation
  • Gas Log Set Installation
  • Gas Log Servicing
  • Outdoor Fireplace Installation
  • Outdoor Fire Pit Installation
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Why Choose Smalling Masonry?

We pride ourselves on providing quality work. Our knowledgeable and experienced techs will keep your chimney working efficiently, so you can enjoy cozy fires without worry. We love helping the residents of Indianapolis and its surrounding cities, and we’d be happy to add you to the Smalling Masonry family.

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